I thought I'd play around and try to come up with an outfit that I would have liked to think that soul singers would have worn during the days of more conservative dress; what I'd like to think Otis Redding would have worn if he would have lived for the late 60s and spent maybe too much time with Grace Slick & Jerry Garcia. Kinda like Otis Redding's rendition of "Day Tripper". Ended up looking very Marvin Gaye inspired, whom I was inspired by, particularly a photo taken in 1970 in a denim on denim ensemble (Points for using my blog name? More like lameness points...)

My scan from "Denim" by Graham Marsh & Paul Trynka

This photo was taken at a time when denim was still associated with poverty & sharecropping for African Americans, so it was quite radical of him to wear it. Also, at the time Marvin Gaye was frustrated with Motown's square image and rebelled by recording the album "What's Goin On", so in a very small way my outfit was devised in the same spirit. I'm not sure if I achieved explaining my thought process without it sounding too ludicrous, but I think you guys know what I mean.

I picked up the necklace at the Long Beach flea market last month - I want to wear it with everything! I've been collecting tribal jewelry recently; it's the perfect finishing touch!

While taking pictures we were greeted by a very friendly neighborhood cat.

I love cats! My bff Lindz took the pics. Everything I had on was vintage or secondhand.

I'm gonna be staying with family in LA a few days this week, I hope to get some shopping & photos in!