Who Doesn't Like A Good Tits Shirt?

I found this shirt in a pile of clothes all for a buck at a flea market, I was so stoaked! I love the idea of using clothes to play with the human body, and tits shirts do just that. This particular shirt isn't the holy grail of em by any means, but this one has its own trashy charm. It covers most of the body, so it lets you play with it more than just a regular sized t-shirt. Needless to say it turns many heads, this older woman approached me at the liquor store the other night and said it was great that I had the balls to wear it because she never did LOL!

Oh and it also has an added bonus: a backside.

In the spirit of the season, I have to say this was an inspiration for my outfit...

click to watch

Cardigan from American Apparel, Cheap Monday jeans, fur dog pin from a flea market, and vintage boots.

Can't wait to wear this shirt more and more. I've been up to some pretty exciting stuff lately that I'll finally let you guys in on very soon! ;-)