Last Sunday I went to the Long Beach flea market with my dad and brought my camera, so strap yourself in for a bombardment of blurry, sloppy, out of focus pictures of things that caught my eye...

Digging through endless stands like these full of dusty treasures.

It was quite foggy in the morning.

I love this poncho! Still working on 'my man with no name look', I think this would look good with some brown cords - but this poncho was too big.

The flea market always has tons of unusual paintings and art, like this painting of a green man. Who, or what, is he supposed to be? Kind of looks like Frankenstein's Monster and Einstein rolled into one - needless to say I like it.

Armadillo handbag complete with head and claws.

Love this candle holder.

Loved this coat - I'm still thinking about it!

Fur vest with breast pocket - haha whatever, I can dig it!

Love all the textures in this picture.

What kinda insect is this? At any rate, totally bitchin shirt!

I love Twizzlers! I want that Tiger picture too...

I love seeing things like an Egyptain sculpture, thrown in with a bunch of completely unrelated things in a place like a flea market. It's like shopping on a junky spaceship years after the earth has been harvested and destroyed.

I want this chair...

... and these chairs!

Guess you can buy someone's gravestone if you want.

I the kind of twisted freak that loves those skeletons in your biology class, I had a conversation once with my teacher about whether or not they really are people's skeletons and he said that now they make the bones, but before people from India would sell the deceased's bones to use. Yikes. Maybe this skeleton's named Bud?

Loved this denim jacket.

I LOVED these jeans, but they were a size 32, damn.

Very interesting bed.

I love strange vinyl covers.

Picture of nude bicyclists.

I like the detail on the back of this jacket.

Beautiful jacket from 1903!

I'M SO GETTING THIS COAT NEXT TIME. I've been following it for a while - when wouldn't I wear it?

I managed to pick up some great finds that will appear on the blog soon! Thanks for the comments on the last post - glad you guys liked it! :)