Wearing some recent acquisitions from the flea market while relaxin in a tree of course. I've been searching for a grey rabbit fur vest for a long time, and I stumbled upon this one at the flea market for 50 bucks and I must say it's pretty perfect. The woman selling it said that a man came by and wanted it, but it didn't fit, so he broke down and cried! I guess I should feel lucky to have it huh? She also said she had just got a neon green one with tassels, what I would give to see it!

The jeans were only a buck in a pile of tattered and forgotten vintage treasures. And I picked up the shoes in a pile of vintage shoes for 10 bucks, I dunno how I keep finding the same shoe in different colors, but hell I'm happy I do because I've been seriously wanting a pair of white shoes. I feel like the jeans and those shoes were made for each other.

This is a necklace of my dad's - the crucifix is very beautiful and I love how it's paired with the Africa pendant.

I love this picture because if you look at it a certain way, it looks like I was standing on concrete, was flipped, and had a background photoshopped in, but actually it's just a weird concrete, uh, thing located in our local riverbed that I was sitting on. I took the pic below as a final act before my camera died, it looks like a weird pyramid from some foreign world to me.

It's still too early to let you guys in on what I did in LA, but it was pretty cool! Stay tuned. ;)