I went shopping at a vintage shop owned by a friend of my dad's this weekend and came across this gaudy, glittery, shirt. The owner, Mike, told me that he was given a forty-year-old Asian drag queen performer from San Francisco's stage wardrobe to sell, and that this shirt was one of the pieces. Naturally, I was smitten and had to have it. Adds instant glam-rock appeal to any outfit. My dad and I teamed up and had a photo shoot to show it off.

My dad had the idea to take out one of our acoustics and take some shots with it, a great idea, dunno know why I haven't before! I do indeed play the guitar - my dad, my brother, and I all play instruments. My dad's been a musician playing in bands his whole life.

I love how disproportional everything looks in this last photo. My dad and I will definitely be teaming up for future shoots - I don't know why we waited until now to do so!

I had on vintage boots and button up, AA shirt, Cheap Monday pants, and belt from a flea market.