I picked up this pajama top from the thrift store the other day for a buck. To me it has a Brian Jones, human sea wizard, glam rock quality to it, ya know the usual adjectives. One thing about it I like a lot is that because it's used for sleep, it's like something you'd wear while wafting through a dream. My dad and I have teamed up again, this time we took to the cemetery. The location has less to do with macabre than it does with the fact that the tombstones are just really beautiful works of art. This is actually the cemetary where Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison's long-term girlfriend is buried.

Thrifted jacket, nude top from American Apparel, belt from a flea market, Cheap Monday pants, and vintage calf hair boots. I know I've been wearing my flea market belt and Cheap Monday pants together a lot, but hey, aren't all outfits just different versions of the very first one anyway?