Back From San Francisco

I had a fantastic time in San Francisco. It's always been, without a doubt, one of my favorite places. This post is gonna be a bit all over the place, but here's some moments from my trip I captured.

My family and I hung out around the bridge from behind it, underneath it, and on top of it. On top of it not being the best place to be reminded of your uneasiness with heights...

My SF uniform, it was quite cold the whole time. A nice vacation from, well, the warmer weather of Summer vacation here in Orange County. I'm wearing a secondhand coat-jacket-cardigan-thing, sword pin from my dad, thrifted messenger, with my K.K. Slider cellphone charm attached if you have super micro vision, H&M jeans, Stacey Adam boots, and a tri-blend shirt from American Apparel somewhere under there.

Wall art from The Black Magic, my dad and his band played there.

We took a cable car to China Town on Sunday...

I wanted every toy in this store haha, excuse the poor quality of my paparazzi shot.

This store had tons of little zombie dolls, they were so cute.

I have a thing for sunsets, so of course I love wandering Fisherman's Wharf as the sun begins to sink over the horizon. Mother Nature paints the prettiest pictures.

I usually layered the ensemble with a brown hoodie underneath my coat and with an American Apparel scarf. It was quite fun wearing the scarf because it was quite windy on Sunday and it danced in the wind.

Stay tuned for my trip to The Haight...

P.S. Got my Ravenclaw outfit picked out for the Harry Potter midnight showing tomorrow LOL. Take the sorting hat quiz and tell me what house you get, Ravenclaws represent! Click to out nerd yourself!