Vintage jacket, necklace, bracelet, jeans, and Doc Martens, shirt from Urban Outfitters

I was excited to stumble upon two of my favorite things united on a t-shirt: the man with no name and heather grey. I love the idea of wearing your idols and inspirations on a shirt, like these shirts here...

What I would give to get my hands on one of these shirts!

Because the shirt is from such a large retailer, I decided to style the shirt in a more individualistic and self indulgent way to figuratively mark my territory on it. I was thinking seventies and western while putting it together, with the pairing of denim, suede leather, and corduroy. I threw on the Docs because I'm always trying to achieve that gritty spaceman look.

I borrowed this necklace from my dad. Great pendant, perfect length, lustrousness etc.

I'm really into mid-century tiki and surf stuff so this bracelet was a great find. I'm always into wearing sunny motifs in the middle of winter.

Happy 2012 everyone - thanks for reading!