Levi's denim jacket and jeans, vintage cashmere sweater, vest, belt, and boots

Despite tenacious efforts made by me and fellow fashion enthusiasts to emulate our favorite runway looks, sometimes you wind up hitting a dead end. I remember when I first saw Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 08/09 show, I became frustrated when I realized I could not materialize the inspiration I received from the show's avant-garde, space age materials (I even considered purchasing a wetsuit and carving it into my own rough vision haha).

Luckily, some materials are easier to come by, so if you're reading about denim, leather, and cashmere used in Rick Owens pieces, you actually have a shot of coming by them (Granted they're not gonna be in his signature cuts, that's when it's up to you to make it interesting). So that was more or less what was going through my head this time, reading about the unbridled luxury of Rick Owens' designs inspired me to seek out some dark cashmere to warm me this winter, by which I mean yanking a sweater from my brother's closet.

I wanted to throw in elements used in Rick Owens' collections like dark denim to help create the illusion. I like pairing my black denim vest over my blue denim jacket because you don't really see those two so closely paired. Despite the Rick Owens fuel, to me, this outfit looks more like a Karlheinz Weinberger subject, which is fine too. Kind of a wordy post for a casual outfit but I think it's fun to retrace my thought process.