Levis' jacket, American Apparel shirt, vintage iron cross, pantaloons, and boots

While trying on my dad's boots, I was stricken with the inspiration (courage? foolishness?) to explore the outer limits of male leg cleavage. To step into these territories, I had to first unite the boots with my pantaloons, which created the eye in which to pass through to enter said territories. I then played around with a few pieces from my wardrobe and came up with this outfit, which came into fruition by way of inspiration from stage outfits worn by The Stooges, like Iggy Pop's thigh high leather boots or Ron Asheton's iron cross. I figured when you're this far into such bizarre territories, you might as well have fun. I'd like to explore proportions yielding man cleavage again sometime and make sense of it, I wouldn't be doing my duty as a self-professed stylist if I didn't!

Here's a big ole detail shot of the boots for your time.