I came up with this look when I was staying at my parents' house a while back and I realized I hadn't packed enough clean clothes, so I threw on a few things I had left when I moved to Los Angeles. Even clean clothes aren't enough to keep me from looking like trash (sTylE TiP: Wearing your hair dirty lowers any look to grimy depths!)!

If I can make any sense of this outfit myself, I'd say it has roots in the inspiration I get from rhinestone cowboys, Galliano guys , and my interest in tawdry glamour, like Jackie Curtis' stubble showing through his makeup. There's some black magic in this outfit, if you squint you might get Ed Hardy vibes from the tiger-glitter resonance!

It's fun to mix and match accessories, but it's even more fun to mix and match animals in your outfits! I don't see tiger and horse motifs paired up very often, so I thought it'd be fun to try it out myself. I'd had the button-up for ages, I'll do another post on it sometime and give it the dignity it deserves.