Levi's denim jacket, vintage everything else

Despite all the clothes I've amassed over the years, I always find myself reaching into other closets when I'm on the spot. I reached for my brother's plaid shirt again and grabbed my dad's hat and boots while I was scrambling to make it out the door on time for dinner plans. I always like to serve a hearty helping of Americana and 50s nostalgia once and a while. I'm a fan of big cuffs and baggy blue jeans akin to those worn by James Dean and Eddie Cochran, two personal style icons of mine. I don't even remember if the denim on denim was deliberate but lets say it was.

Borrowed this belt buckle from my dad. My collection of belt buckles is so shamefully small. Gonna keep my peepers peeled for some cool ones.



Scarf is from American Apparel, Levi's jeans, everything else is vintage

I'm always challenging myself to play around with different patterns and textures, this time I've revitalized some old standbys. I'm not really a plaid shirt kind of guy, so it's fun to pair it with something wacky like tie-dye and snakeskin. The scarf has quickly become one of my favorite things. I guess that's because black and white tie-dye and billowy scarves were already two of my favorite things to start with.

I cut my hair! I'm so glad I did it. I'm gonna try to play around with it some more. :)



Everything I have on is vintage

I was pretty stoked to find the vintage tee equivalent of the lamp from A Christmas Story. There's something so cheeky and iconic about fishnet-clad, can-can gams. The graphic gave off some New York Dolls vibes to me, so I thought it'd wear it like a doll-off-duty. I thought it'd be funny to layer my fishnet jacket under my black nylon trenchcoat to give a nod to the fishnet on the legs graphic. I wanted my belt with infinite loops and boots with stripes to resonate with the multiplicity of the fishnet loops as well.



I think the t-shirt is from a brand called Broken, everything else is vintage

I thought it’d be fun to see how many stripes I could stack on top of each other. You can’t really see it in the photo, but the corduroys have vertical lines running down them as well. I thought it’d be a neat way to recontextualize my red-white-and-blue boots too, clear the air of any lingering Americana vibes for once.