Vintage t-shirt, jeans, belt, and doc martens, Converse jacket

A personal rule of thumb of mine is that just about any oversized, dark-colored, sheltering garment seems to me to go with what I have on, and reaching for such garments under chilly circumstances leads to some interesting looks. For instance this Converse jacket belongs to my dad, but I like the length and proportions on me (I enjoy warming my hands in the comfort of sleeves of unduly lengths).
I styled it with some lingering influence from my spiel on armor from a few posts back. I have to tell you guys that the tucking-in of my jean flaps came about from a misunderstanding of which side those tattered flaps would expose, I wanted to show off the buckles of these boots, turns out the buckles were on the opposite side that the jeans would expose, but I like it this way too. If you follow me?

I like this look a lot with the skin shed too. I found this shirt at a vintage store downtown, I like it a lot because to me it's the equivalent of haphazardly finding a cool piece of art at a thrift store or yard sale, but instead I get to wear it on my shirt! To me it looks like an escaped subject from Guernica haha (Don't know how many art history buffs I may have offended with that comment, I'm taking art history 101 next semester and will repent my sins).