Welcome to the latest installment in my series of dilettante documentation of my occasional jaunts to the Long Beach Flea Market!

Super cool 70s Beatle shirt.

Got the green Miss Sixty jeans, next to some cool vintage denim/

Always and forever into dead cow. Would love to find a waist jacket version of this.

I love patchwork denim.

Some really cool boots. I'm thinking they're ski boots.

I love the ankle strap detail on these.

These are beautifully destroyed.

Really cool zipper detail.

The wrinkles are so gross looking, therefore compelling to my warped aesthetic, so I had no choice but to photograph these boots.

I really like the shape and design of ski boots like these. They're really heavy but super cool! Keeping my eye and feet out for a good pair of these.

Some green fuzz.

Cool embroidery on these.

Could be mistaken for someone's pet (perhaps before they boots they actually were someone's pet).

Creamsicle diarrhea fur trimmed jacket. I've been really into oranges lately.

Mexican diablo folk art.

Cool dilapidated chair.

Aww! It's so cute I'd feel bad sitting my ass down on it!

I've added this to my mental bachelor pad list.

Cool saddle bag.

Love this vintage "Happy Hour" sign.

Stuffed mangy companion.

Gold spray-painted lobster center piece. It takes a special kind of person to invite our lobster friend into their home and onto their dining room table.

That alligator was only 75 bucks! Left me wishing I had a reason to pick it up and let it live happily ever after in the jungle cruise.


Tasteful 70s embroidery.

Tandem embroidery.

Had to sneak a shot of this guys buffalo shirt.

Thanks for reading! Outfit post soon!